Choosing your veil



STANDARD LENGTHS - All veils are available in the following standard lengths (2 tier veils include approx. 27” blusher):

Shoulder aka 45" (23" actual length) - works well with '50s/60s style dresses especially with extra bouffant gather. 

Waist aka 54" (28" actual length) - compliments most dresses but be careful of edging if your dress has waist level detail at the back.

Fingertip aka 72" (45" actual length) - a versatile length, particularly good with narrow dresses. Not flattering for dresses that flare from the hip.

Waltz/ballet/calf aka 90" (63" actual length) - can be a tricky length to wear, especially for tall brides. Good for petite brides looking for a floor length veil without a train though.

Floor aka 108" (actual length 81") - depending on your height this length can brush the floor or cover a small puddle train.

Chapel aka 126" (99" actual length) - works with nearly all dresses and is surprisingly lengthening so don't rule it out if you are not the tallest of brides!

Cathedral aka 144" (117" actual length) - the ultimate statement veil. Great for creating the wow factor but do check that it will fit in your venue.

CUSTOM LENGTHS - All veils are custom-made to order and so can be made to any finished length if you feel you would like a length somewhere in between the standard ones.


All veils come with standard gathering, unless specified to be made with no gathering at the comb (flat combed) or extra gathering at the comb (full-combed). All veils can be made in 1 or 2 tier versions.


STANDARD SYNTHETIC TULLE - All standard synthetic veils are available in the following colours: (Bright) White, Antique White (aka Silk White/Diamond White) & Ivory.

ITALIAN SYNTHETIC TULLE - All Italian synthetic veils are available in the following colours: Antique White & Ivory

CRISP 100% SILK - Crisp silk veils are available in White or Ivory.

SOFT 100% SILK - Soft silk veils are very fluid in nature, sit very flat on the head and look more antique in style. They are available in White & Ivory and can have Katerini edge or cut Genoa edge only.